Leadership Development

Leadership Development provides the skills needed to effectively lead.  An organization’s investment and commitment to the development of leadership results in the retention of people, an increase in productivity, the advancement of future leaders. SDR provides organizations with the tools to enhance leaders’ skills, abilities, and confidence to successfully lead within their industry. Some of the suggested topics consist of but are not limited to:
  • Executive Coaching
  • Effective Communication
  • Managing Productive People
  • Organization Structuring
  • Succession Planning
  • Developing/ Adjusting Leadership Models
  • Women in Leadership
  • Leadership Influence
  • Effective versus Ineffective Leadership
  • Customized topics for the organization
  • Team Building
  • The advancement of future leaders and more. 

Vision Development

Vision development bestows clarity and purpose around the goals and ideas of the visionary. It helps to provide structure to the vision while allowing the visionary to gain the courage needed to successfully execute what they envision. SDR aims to assist in cultivating vision, ultimately providing guidance and motivation to move from idea to reality.  Through Group Coaching or One-on-One Coaching, the visionary is:
  • Challenged to face the stumbling blocks that impede the visionary and the vision.
  • Coached to create a methodology to effectively strategize, plan and implement the vision.
  • Provided accountability to motivate and support the visionary’s journey.

Personal Development

SDR inspires clients to uncover their full potential while pursuing life’s goals. Through one-on-one coaching services, each client is empowered and equipped through motivation and tools that provide structure to assist with overcoming life’s difficulties to determine purpose and destiny. SDR motivates the client to strategize while providing accountability to assist with producing the outcome they desire. Some of the focused areas consist of but are not limited to:
  • Professional Growth

  • Goal Setting

  • Identifying and executing purpose

  • Time Management

  • Self-Empowerment

  • Customized topics for the individual

SDR Enterprise produces training, seminars, programs, and modules comprised of three development components in the areas of   Leadership, Vision, and Personal Development.
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